Kanzo sensei

That Dr. Liver, what a quack!
'One month after Hitler and Eva Braun'
'were found dead together,'
'a defeated Germany
cannot face its miserable state.'

'Steps taken
by the occupying armies,'

'have spread disorder
and chaos throughout the country.'

Cut it out, Eva Braun!
It stinks of poverty.

All we have is whole grain rice.
It has to be husked.
Are we out of sake?
All gone.
You drank it.

Don't resist.
- I have a favor to ask you.
- Masuyo?

It's my son, Sankichi,
he's stuck on that whore.

So what?
No harm in selling yourself.

Look at her. Come here.
She's a genuine Shimotsui whore.
Is she your new wife?
- Yes, my third.
- I'm not the fourth?

Fermented cucumber?
If Sankichi breaks it off with Sonoko,
I'll bring you cucumbers.

Give him a sermon.
Talk him out of marrying Sonoko.

He'll listen to you.
If you bring me sake,
I'll do anything you ask.

I'll bring you cucumbers.
I beg you...
Blessed be the name of Buddha!