Kanzo sensei

He's a straight arrow,
and so awkward.

At 22, he's never known a woman.
So, look.
I hate to ask.
Couldn't you teach him?

You're childhood friends.
Well, I stopped doing that.
Don't say that.
I'm begging you.

I'm down on my knees.
They say virgins attract
enemy bullets.

That's why, Sonoko. Please!
Please, make a man of him.
I beg of you.
They say you prescribe
bedrest and good food.
Is that true?

That's right.
You know there's a war going on?
Treatment of hepatitis requires
rest and proper diet.

It's just common sense.
We military doctors
work day and night.

Bedrest and big meals are waste!
My son is an army doctor.
In Manchuria.

I know.
In any case, you better abide
by limitations on glucose.

I can't say yes,
but if that's an order, so be it.

But I'd like to submit a request.