Kanzo sensei

They say you prescribe
bedrest and good food.
Is that true?

That's right.
You know there's a war going on?
Treatment of hepatitis requires
rest and proper diet.

It's just common sense.
We military doctors
work day and night.

Bedrest and big meals are waste!
My son is an army doctor.
In Manchuria.

I know.
In any case, you better abide
by limitations on glucose.

I can't say yes,
but if that's an order, so be it.

But I'd like to submit a request.
About typhus at the Club.
I've done blood work-ups
on all the employees, several times.

No germ has been found.
Here are the test results.
Since there is no typhus,
I request the sanctions be lifted.
What is your relationship
with the Club?

The owner is
an old friend and a patient.

I'll think it over.
In my opinion, there is no germ.
Must be a mistake.
Two employees are sick in bed.
They have hepatitis!

If we allow hepatitis to spread,
the nation will be on its knees.
When the enemy lands,
we'll be wiped out.