Kanzo sensei

Only humans value chastity.
Still, prostitution is bad,
since you were born among humans.
Better off being bacteria. More fun.
You are truly incorrigible.
So are you.
You stop eating to watch bacteria!
I want to see the hepatitis agent.
If I can do that,
perhaps I can fight it.

For an ordinary microscope,
it's too small.

But, with an oblique angle...
...we might glimpse
the enemy's shadow.

Damn! Sonoko, air-raid.
Doctor, hurry!
Up there, bombs.
Down here, hepatitis.

Dangers keep menacing Japan.
I understand now.
You're not a quack.
- You're a great man.
- Hardly.

I'm just a small-town doctor.
You think only of your patients,
and at night, of bacteria.
I'm going to get a lens, in Tokyo.
Will they have one?
Since the war started,
it's take care of number one.

All except for you.