Kanzo sensei

Up there, bombs.
Down here, hepatitis.

Dangers keep menacing Japan.
I understand now.
You're not a quack.
- You're a great man.
- Hardly.

I'm just a small-town doctor.
You think only of your patients,
and at night, of bacteria.
I'm going to get a lens, in Tokyo.
Will they have one?
Since the war started,
it's take care of number one.

All except for you.
I learned nothing in school.
I'm too stupid,
I'm no good to you!

What's wrong?
Sonoko, calm down.

I've fallen in love with you!
Wait a second.
I'm serious. Make love to me!
You go overboard.
Tomorrow, you'll change your mind.
Calm down.
Your husband's at the front!

I won't sell myself anymore.
I won't give in,

even if they must die in the war.
My mother told me, "no freebie lays."
Except for my one true love.
And now I know that's you!
You... you work it all
out your way. Wait!

One day, I'll kill a whale for you.