Kanzo sensei

Dr. Akagi Fuu
has just arrived from Okayama.

It is our great pleasure
to welcome him.

I practice in the country,
in the middle of nowhere.

I'm sorry to miss your meetings.
Seeing Professor Mikawa today,
looking so fit,

I suddenly feel much younger.
I'd like to make a request.
Following the "Manchuria Incident,"
in 1931,

a few cases of jaundice were noted,
with hypertrophy of the liver.

Five years later, the number
of these cases rose sharply.

Most patients
suffering from the flu

also had hypertrophy of the liver.
So, after 4 or 5 years of the same
diagnosis over and over,

it's a liver disorder,
"it's your liver",

I became known as "Dr. Liver."
Many of my patients left me,
tired of my repetitve diagnoses.

Currently, 90% of pneumonia
flu and digestive disorder cases
ars accompanied

by hypertrophy of the liver.
I've compiled case histories.
I have 1,500 of them so far.
But I do not intend
to keep them to myself.

They are at your disposal,
eminent researchers.

I only hope
they will be of service to you.