Kanzo sensei

Can't see a thing.
You can't get up yet.
I feel better, doctor.
Hey, it's a microscope.
Can I see it?
You set it up yourself?

I'm trying to improve it.
But I'm getting no place.
The condensor angle is off.
You have to adjust everything
to the correct distance.

You know something
about these things?

In Holland, I was a camera engineer,
before I went in the army.

And would you be willing
to help me out?

Doctor, you saved my life.
I'd be happy to help you.
A stroke of luck.
I study liver disease.
I know nothing about disease.
As long as you know
about microscopes!

When the war is over,
I'll tell my son about you.

How old is your son?
Six years old.
'Following the signing
by Truman, Churchill'