Kanzo sensei

In Holland, I was a camera engineer,
before I went in the army.

And would you be willing
to help me out?

Doctor, you saved my life.
I'd be happy to help you.
A stroke of luck.
I study liver disease.
I know nothing about disease.
As long as you know
about microscopes!

When the war is over,
I'll tell my son about you.

How old is your son?
Six years old.
'Following the signing
by Truman, Churchill'

'and Chiang Kai-shek
of the Potsdam Declaration,'

'Japan has refused to surrender
and will fight to the last man,'

'according to the Prime Minister's
statement to the press.'

What an enormous machine!
That's good.
Now you just look into it.
You have a liver sample?
That's the problem.
I'd like a fresh one,
even living, if possible.
That's a pretty tall order.