Kanzo sensei

The Major wants to see you.
It's for transmitting signals
to airplanes.

Let's keep our wits.
That is a rather bulky microscope.
And that,
is a movie projector lamp.

Where's the signal transmitter?
On close examination...
An escaped prisoner at the doctor's
The doctor treated his wounds.
End of story.

Akagi is covered by
the Chief Health Officer.

The other doctor's
a morphine addict.

He'll be barred from practice.
The bonze and the girl, who cares?
But I mean...
Weren't you the one who let
the prisoner escape?

This keeps up...
This keeps up, my job and yours
will both be on the line.

We confiscate this.
After a stern warning,
we release them all.

If need be,
we can have them summoned.

That clear?
Bastards! They used my head
as a punching bag!