Kanzo sensei

It's all right.
It's hepatitis.
With signs of jaundice.

Doctor, I'm sorry.
At this hour.

Sonoko, find me a bucket.
Does your stomach hurt?
Really bad.
With every breath I take.

You're retaining water.
You can't urinate.
I'm going to empty it out.
That'll relieve you.

Your daughter is a good girl.
She opened my eyes.
Sorry, yeah.
In the middle of the night.

I don't mean that.
I am first and foremost
a family doctor.

I'd forgotten that.
We'll pay you, I promise.
You'll pay me whenever you can.
Meantime, lie down
so I can examine you.

Thank you.
He's a great man, you know.
I'm nothing but a liver doctor.
'August 6th,
at the 4th tone, it will be 7 o'clock.'

What is it?
A whale.
You kidding? Must be a submarine.