Kanzo sensei

We'll pay you, I promise.
You'll pay me whenever you can.
Meantime, lie down
so I can examine you.

Thank you.
He's a great man, you know.
I'm nothing but a liver doctor.
'August 6th,
at the 4th tone, it will be 7 o'clock.'

What is it?
A whale.
You kidding? Must be a submarine.
It's a blue whale.
Sonovagun! A whale!
What if it comes this way?
Let's go!

Wiseguy. Want to have some fun?
- What are you doing?
- Stand aside!

Wait! It's suicide. Let's go!
It was around here my father
got his whale. By himself!

That isn't true. A few of them
managed to beach it.

It is true!
Whales have a weak point.

I can throw a harpoon.
And they say it's bad luck
not to go all the way.

We've had enough bad luck.