Les Couloirs du temps: Les visiteurs 2

In the year 1123, men were valiant.
Wizards ruled over the forests
with magic spelIs, potions and remedies.
Godefroy, Count of Montmirail,
returned from war

with his squire, Jacquasse the Crass.
He rushed to his betrothed,
sweet Frenegonde.

Bewitched by a wicked witch,
he mistook Frenegonde's father
for a bear

and slew him with an arrow.
Deserted by Frenegonde,
Godefroy consulted the wizard Eusabius,

who tried sending Godefroy
through the Corridors of Time

to the moment before the accident.
But the wizard goofed.
He thrust our heroes
into the 20th century.

The psychos!
Look at the bums!
Godefroy met his descendant,
Beatrice de Montmirail.

she mistook him
for her cousin Hubert,

who has the ancestral nose.
But Jacquart, Jacquasse' descendant,
denied any link with such an oaf.
Jacquasse and Godefroy met Ginette,
a hobo who mistook them for stuntmen.
But Beatrice wrongly assumed
that Ginette aIso came

from the Middle Ages.
Before Godefroy returned to the past,