Mask of Zorro

I understand exactly how you feel.
Why should you care
about any of your leaders?

The Spaniards oppressed you,
the Mexicans ignored you.

And the dons ..?
The dons seem content
to cheat and lie to you.

Who, in your entire history,
has ever helped you?

Zorro fought for the people.

Yes, Zorro ...
Where is he now, Padre,
your masked friend?

He hasn't shown himself in 20 years.
20 years!

The time has come to take
our destiny into our own hands.

Not as Spaniards or Mexicans,
but as Californians.

I stand here before you today
with no mask.

Only a solemn pledge
that I will never abandon you.

And you have my word -
- that I will help you fight
for an independent California.

Father ...
Gentlemen, allow me
to introduce my daughter, Elena.