- It's Nicholas.
- Jimmy's dead.

- Kitty shot him.
- Jesus.

- I was gonna shoot her, but...
- Claire, listen to me. Listen.

You have to be careful.
You've got to look out for yourself.

I know.
But The Boss and I have a lot of years
together. We'll work this out.

That's not enough, Claire.
His son is dead.

No one is that good a friend.
No one.

You do not go in there
without me, okay?

It'll be okay. I just need
to see him face to face.

Let me get the money.
It'll make a difference if we have it.

Look, I'll clean things up here
and call you in a while, okay?

- Call me before you go.
- Yeah.

My God.
Are you gonna kill me now?
Where are we going?
Claire, where are we going?
I'm not going back with you, Claire.
- Claire, please, don't take me back there.
- Come on.

I'm not gonna go!
You can't make me go!

Claire, I'm not gonna go!
I'm not going!

You can't make me go, Claire.
I'm not gonna go!
You can't make me go!

No, no, no, no, no!
Don't kill me, please! She's crazy!
This lady's nuts!
Somebody help me! Help!

- Please, hold still.
- Stop it, you're hurting me.

- It's gonna hurt a little.
- I think you should pump her stomach.

Don't pump my stomach.
I didn't take anything.

- I think she'll be okay.
- I said pump her stomach.