Are you gonna kill me now?
Where are we going?
Claire, where are we going?
I'm not going back with you, Claire.
- Claire, please, don't take me back there.
- Come on.

I'm not gonna go!
You can't make me go!

Claire, I'm not gonna go!
I'm not going!

You can't make me go, Claire.
I'm not gonna go!
You can't make me go!

No, no, no, no, no!
Don't kill me, please! She's crazy!
This lady's nuts!
Somebody help me! Help!

- Please, hold still.
- Stop it, you're hurting me.

- It's gonna hurt a little.
- I think you should pump her stomach.

Don't pump my stomach.
I didn't take anything.

- I think she'll be okay.
- I said pump her stomach.

- No.
- You got it, Claire.

No, no, no.
Stop it, no!
What salon do you go to?
Full service salon, where do you go?
- Get me Greta.
- Do you have an appointment?

Don't even think about it.
Kitty, darling, what happened?
Where did your beauty go? My God.
We must make this better.

Stephanie, I want white wine,
massage, steam. Be quick.

Send someone for clothes...
...and don't leave her alone.
You see to it.

Naturally. We will work magic.
Madam, if I may suggest,
perhaps you would care...

...for some of our services
while you wait.

- Believe me, I could suggest several...
- Get the hell away from me.