Quest for Camelot

GUARD 1 : Send word across the land:
Excalibur's been stolen!

Silver Wings...
...protect the sword!
[Dramatic instrumental music]
[Griffin squawks]
[Bugle call sounds in distance]
[Bugle call intensifies]
Excalibur! lt's been stolen!
No, absolutely not!
KAYLEY: But, Mother, Excalibur is missing.
l must go after it.
That's a job for the knights,
not for a young girl.

But l want to be a knight.
l'll go on grand adventures fighting evil,
rescuing damsels in distress.

What is a damsel anyway?
Now, Kayley, stand still
and try on your new dress.

[Kayley moans]
Mother, l don't want a new dress.
l want to save Camelot!

lf you'd just let me, l know
l could find Excalibur all on my own.

The knights will find the sword
and they'll do it by working together.

While l'm working here...