Quest for Camelot

[Bugle call sounds in distance]
[Bugle call intensifies]
Excalibur! lt's been stolen!
No, absolutely not!
KAYLEY: But, Mother, Excalibur is missing.
l must go after it.
That's a job for the knights,
not for a young girl.

But l want to be a knight.
l'll go on grand adventures fighting evil,
rescuing damsels in distress.

What is a damsel anyway?
Now, Kayley, stand still
and try on your new dress.

[Kayley moans]
Mother, l don't want a new dress.
l want to save Camelot!

lf you'd just let me, l know
l could find Excalibur all on my own.

The knights will find the sword
and they'll do it by working together.

While l'm working here...
...doing the chores, fetching the eggs,
taking care of the house.

Where's the glory in that?
Kayley, one day you will learn
what Camelot means.

-Till then, you'll stay here with me.
-All right!

What would you do?
[Chickens clucking]
How am l ever going to do great things
if l'm stuck here...

...with these silly chickens?
[Chicken squawks]