Quest for Camelot

''Where I will claim all that is mine
''In the back of your wagons
''My men will all hide
''You'll sit up front as the gates open wide
''Now watch me create
''My mechanical army with pride
''With this potion
''I bought from some witches
''A drop on this chicken
''All watch as he switches
''Into a weapon that I can use at will
''Now this chicken
''Can kill''
[Ruber chuckles]
''Step right up and enter quickly
''I'll transform the meek
''And sickly
''Into iron men
''With hands of steel''
RUBER: Yes, yes, into the water.
Quickly now. Go, you fools!
Next! Stand up straight now!
Move it along!

No, no, that's no good!
RUBER: Prepare for the dawning...
...of a new age!
The Ruberian Age!
Year One!
[Whispers] Go to Camelot. Warn Arthur.
l won't leave you here.
Kayley, Ruber will be in Camelot
in three days.

Take the main road. Get there before us.
-But, Mother--

...while you have the chance. Go, Kayley!
You're our only hope.
Be careful, dear.
[Group chants and cackles]
RUBER: [Sings] ''Only one will be revered
''Worshipped, hated, loved and feared''
[Bladebeak squeals excitedly]
RUBER: ''I'd just like to say a few words:
'''I, me, mine'