Quest for Camelot

RUBER: Yes, yes, into the water.
Quickly now. Go, you fools!
Next! Stand up straight now!
Move it along!

No, no, that's no good!
RUBER: Prepare for the dawning...
...of a new age!
The Ruberian Age!
Year One!
[Whispers] Go to Camelot. Warn Arthur.
l won't leave you here.
Kayley, Ruber will be in Camelot
in three days.

Take the main road. Get there before us.
-But, Mother--

...while you have the chance. Go, Kayley!
You're our only hope.
Be careful, dear.
[Group chants and cackles]
RUBER: [Sings] ''Only one will be revered
''Worshipped, hated, loved and feared''
[Bladebeak squeals excitedly]
RUBER: ''I'd just like to say a few words:
'''I, me, mine'
''You were mistaken if you believed
''Ruber was someone
who'd crumble and leave

''Now I'm back
''And I will be staying
''This time
''I told you once
''I told you twice
''Everything you see before you
''Every last bit of it
[Whispers] ''...mine...
[Ruber cackles eerily]
RUBER: To the wagons!
Next stop...
RUBER: ...Camelot!
[Ruber sighs]
RUBER: My faithful pet.
How was the flight?
-Panic sweeps across the land.

-My plan is perfect.