Quest for Camelot

''You were mistaken if you believed
''Ruber was someone
who'd crumble and leave

''Now I'm back
''And I will be staying
''This time
''I told you once
''I told you twice
''Everything you see before you
''Every last bit of it
[Whispers] ''...mine...
[Ruber cackles eerily]
RUBER: To the wagons!
Next stop...
RUBER: ...Camelot!
[Ruber sighs]
RUBER: My faithful pet.
How was the flight?
-Panic sweeps across the land.

-My plan is perfect.

-Without the sword, Arthur is vulnerable.

Now Excalibur...
:21:05 mine.
[Griffin grunts]
Here's where we enter a gray area.
Excuse me?
You lost Excalibur?
GRlFFlN: l was attacked by a falcon.
RUBER: What?

My magnificent beast outmatched
by a puny, little pigeon?

lt wasn't a pigeon.
GRlFFlN: lt was a falcon...
...with silver wings.
Silver wings? Oh, scary.
[Yells] You stupid animal!
Where is the sword now?
ln a place of untold danger.
RUBER: The Forbidden Forest.
GRlFFlN: Precisely, Master.
Have l told you today...
:21:47 magnificently and totally...
...worthless you are?
RUBER: Excalibur is the one thing...
...that can keep me
from my conquest of Camelot!