Quest for Camelot

CORNWALL: ''I'm so tired of your nagging
''And I'm so tired of your bragging
''Without me, you'd have no brain
''With which to think
CORNWALL: ''I'd be rocking with the dinos
''Swinging with the rhinos
CORNWALL: ''I'd re-dragonize
this cave in a minute

DEVON: ''My career would be the arts
CORNWALL: '''Cornwall,' they would sing
'''Cause I would be the dragon king
TOGETHER: ''I would love this world
without you in it

''If I didn't have you
''If I didn't have you
''If I didn't have you
''If I didn't have you''
This way.
Let me lead.
No, this way, Twinkle-Toes.
TOGETHER: ''Life could be so sweet
''If these were both my feet
''What I'd do if I didn't have you
''I got you, babe
''Oh, what I'd do if I didn't have you
TOGETHER: ''Oh, if I didn't
''Oh, if I didn't
''Have you''
Thank you very much.
-Devon just left the building.
-You've never sung before, have you, man?

KAYLEY: Come on, Garrett.
CORNWALL: You don't need him, honey.

CORNWALL: Now you've got Cornwall
keeping an eye on you.

Well, the good news is...
we're out of dragon country.

The better news is...
this is where we say goodbye.

But, you can't leave us here.
lf we try to go back we'll be banished,

Not to mention kicked out.
We just broke the dragon's cardinal rule.
What? ''Never wear brown shoes
with a blue suit''?

No, you moron.
''Never help a human.''
Come on, Kayley.
We must make camp before dark.

DEVON: Camp?
KAYLEY: Garrett, let's take them with us.