Quest for Camelot

''Have you''
Thank you very much.
-Devon just left the building.
-You've never sung before, have you, man?

KAYLEY: Come on, Garrett.
CORNWALL: You don't need him, honey.

CORNWALL: Now you've got Cornwall
keeping an eye on you.

Well, the good news is...
we're out of dragon country.

The better news is...
this is where we say goodbye.

But, you can't leave us here.
lf we try to go back we'll be banished,

Not to mention kicked out.
We just broke the dragon's cardinal rule.
What? ''Never wear brown shoes
with a blue suit''?

No, you moron.
''Never help a human.''
Come on, Kayley.
We must make camp before dark.

DEVON: Camp?
KAYLEY: Garrett, let's take them with us.

Oh, l suppose so.
But no more singing.
How do you feel about interpretive dance?
[Garrett groans]
[Bladebeak hums]
Dragon â la king.
lt's such a pleasant relief from...
l can't believe l'm reduced
to chasing a little girl...

...a blind man...
...and a pigeon.
Find them all and report back to me.
Did you hear me?
Sorry, Master, my mouth was full.
Of all the evil creatures in the world,
l had to find one with table manners.

And no mistakes...
...or l'll make space on the spit for you.
Hey, Useless!
RUBER: Rendezvous with the wagons
and tell them to press on.

As soon as l have Excalibur...