Simon Birch

Yes, I did.
What did they say?
They said that...
maybe that we should leave you
here for the night.

I guess they thought
it might teach you a lesson.

Anyhow, I gotta get
you guys outta here.

Do you know anybody that might come
down here at this hour of the night?

- Yeah.
- Who?

Yeah, who?
Just about
to land in WGV. Let's click on
the turnstiles on our wax files.

- Ben?
- Yeah?

- Are you mad?
- No.

Well, baffled,
but not mad.

I assume you had a good reason
for doing what you did.

- The reason is that Joe went psycho.
- Shut up, Simon.

That's a good reason as any.
- It is?
- Sure.

Everyone's got to reserve
the right to go a little nuts
every now and then.

- Life isn't always so easy.
- Or fair.

Oh, it's certainly not fair.
Hey, you guys want to go get,
uh, some pizza
or a hot dog or somethin'?

- You want to take us for pizza?
- Yeah, it's 9:00. Aren't you hungry?

It's not that.
It would be like...

rewarding us
for bad behavior.

- But if you really want to.
- No, Joe.

It wouldn't be right
to take advantage of Ben like that.

No pizza for us.
Ice cream?
So, now I don't know
if I'll ever find out who my father is.

Maybe she figured
you weren't ready for the truth.

Do you know the truth?
No. I guess your mom was just
gonna tell me when she was ready.