Small Soldiers

I heard your parents
had to move here 'cause...

- you got kicked out of
ten different schools ?
- I did not !

No ?
- It was two.
- Only two ?

So... you need
some help ?

- Alan, can I talk now ?
- No.

I can't believe
they broke my dad's radio.

Hey, Alan, do you ever watch
that show Family of Five ?

- Sure.
- Do you like it ?

- Uh, it's okay.
- Oh, thank God. Me neither. I hate it.

It's so lame. I'm so sick of everybody
telling me it's so great.

- I can't stand the parents.
They're so nice.
- The worst.

- Where do these go ?
- Uh, just over there.

I'm more of an X- Files
kind of guy myself.

The truth is
out there, Alan.

- Do you like Led Zeppelin ?
- Yeah. They're the greatest.

Oh. They're
my favorite band.

You know, you're not
like other girls.

I know.
I can't believe
we finished.

It took less time
than I thought.

And the boat looks great.
It wasn't that messed up.
The mast was the hardest part.

Uh, he'll
never know.

So, what'd you do ?
Oh, come on, Alan.
I've heard the story ten times already.

Don't deny it.
They say you're a real terror.

Oh, yeah.
That's me. A real terror.

I did some graffiti, flooded the
faculty bathroom. Stuff like that.

My shrink told my parents
I was "acting out."

I heard you called in
a bomb scare on Parents' Day.