-Good sleep?
-Not bad.

So where are we?
Where you from?
San Diego.
Left yesterday.

So you came Honolulu-Guam-Pago-here?
Long trip.
What do you do?
I'm a psychologist.
Hey, a shrink.
They've called in everything else.
How do you mean?
We've ferried people out of Guam
for the last 2 days.

Physicists, biologists, mathematicians,
you name it.

Everybody being flown to the middle
of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean.

What's going on?
They're not telling us anything, sir.
What did they tell you?

There was a plane crash.
Do you get called in on crashes?
I'm on a list of psychologists the FAA
brings in when a plane goes down.

So where exactly are we now?
That's where we're headed.
Over there.

Take a look.
What is that?
All that for a plane crash?
I never mentioned a plane crash.
-Any other gear? Watch your step.
-I'd like to call my family.

We'll get you settled in quarters first.
Remain there till we send for you.

-I'd like to get started.
-We'll send for you.

-It's critical I see them--

The survivors. If I don't get to them
in the first 24 hours--

-What survivors?
-The survivors of the plane crash.

Plane crash?
I deal in post-traumatic stress
and survival guilt.

Maybe I should talk to someone
who knows what's going on here.