Do you get called in on crashes?
I'm on a list of psychologists the FAA
brings in when a plane goes down.

So where exactly are we now?
That's where we're headed.
Over there.

Take a look.
What is that?
All that for a plane crash?
I never mentioned a plane crash.
-Any other gear? Watch your step.
-I'd like to call my family.

We'll get you settled in quarters first.
Remain there till we send for you.

-I'd like to get started.
-We'll send for you.

-It's critical I see them--

The survivors. If I don't get to them
in the first 24 hours--

-What survivors?
-The survivors of the plane crash.

Plane crash?
I deal in post-traumatic stress
and survival guilt.

Maybe I should talk to someone
who knows what's going on here.

-Talk to the ship's psychiatrist.
-I'm a psychologist.

That's why I was sent here.
I told you people I need a phone.
Discuss that with Mr. Barnes.
That's fine.
Give me a phone, I'll call him.

Why are you here?
Take your hands off me, please.
Do you have any idea who I am?

Tell him the name
of the book you wrote.

Astrophysics You Can Use. It was a
Book-of-the-Month Club Main Selection.

Never heard of it.
You really thought he read your book.
You haven't changed.

It was written for the layman.
He's not impressed.
Is there a phone in here?
-I've been trying to call my wife.
-Would you stop touching me?

Wait a minute.
Flight quarters.
All units make your flight quarters...

...condition one stations for landing.
Stay clear of the fantail--

Goodman, you been here long?
-I've been here 3 hours.
-Welcome aboard.

This thing scares the hell out of me.
It's already too late.
You might as well helicopter me back. . .

. . .because the damage is done
to the survivors already.