Wrongfully Accused

I think she's in grave danger.
I came to look for clues.

Ryan, I know you're innocent.
You really mean that?
This is not just
another way to meet guys?

I'm a friend.
I wish that we could be friends.
But women and me...
...are like water and fire--
Wet and flammable.
No, no.
You hang out with me...
...and you're going to get hurt.
It was all mine.
The city was at my feet,
spread out like an oyster.

People bravoed, they ovated.
I was somebody,
I was a contender.

Now all I've got
is a one-way ticket to Palookaville.

It's got to be that the answer
is here somewhere.

The party...
...drinks, drinking...
...the bar.
There was something
about the bartender.

Close your eyes.
The bartender!
Hibbing's killer!
...with the killer.
Good Lord!
The bus stop at Helm's
is the 5:50 express.

lt stops right in front
of the Goodhue house.

Scour the entire area.
Orono, chase the car
and put it in park.

Bagley, I want everyone interrogated.
I want surnames, last names,
given names, confirmation names.

Give me photo analysis,
footprint analysis...

...DNA, bra sizes.
I'll check out
who belongs to this truck.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!