Zero Effect

It's his uncompromising standard.
He never meets his clients.
He doesn't speak with them
or communicate directly.

It's his policy.
I'm his sole representative,
he's my only employer...

...and I have full authorization to
speak on his behalf on all his business.

I have with me
a signed letter to that effect.

He doesn't negotiate his fee.
He works at a flat rate.
Under some unusual circumstances
he'll work pro bono. Never in between.

I suppose I don't qualify
for the latter category.

I haven't heard your proposal yet.
I have a feeling that mine
is not a charity case.

Most aren't.
Mr. Arlo, you realize
this is all very strange.

I mean, nobody in your field...
...asks the kind of money
your employer does and nobody...

...communicates via...
...a messenger.
It's all very unusual.

Let me tell you about the case of the
man with the mismatched shoelaces.

Years ago, when I first
came into his employ...

...he was contracted to find a man.
I can't give much detail...
...but believe me, if this man
had not been located...

...our country's good diplomacy
with a certain economic superpower...

...might have a different face today.
Federal, state, local authorities
all over the world...

...searched for a face whose
significance they couldn't fathom.

He'd vanished without a trace.
On the 8th morning, a non-political
third party contacted me...

...with an unrelated private agenda.
My employer had never heard of this
missing man, knew nothing about him.

After just one hour of desk work...
...just an hour after accepting
the case...

...he picked up the telephone
and placed a call.

Guess who answered the phone.
The missing man.
The man with the mismatched shoelaces.
Without ever leaving the house.
I'm telling you, he never even...
...leaves the house, okay?