American Beauty

We used to be happy.
My daughter Jane,
Only child.

-Janie's a pretty typical teenager.
- [Computer Beeps]

angry. insecure. confused.
I wish I could tell her that's all going
To pass. but I don't want to lie to her.

[Horn Honking]
Jane, honey, are you trying
to look unattractive?

- Yes.
- Congratulations.
You've succeeded admirably.

Lester, could you make me
a little later, please,
because I'm not quite late enough.

[ Mutters, Indistinct ]
Nice going, Dad.
[Lester Narrating] Both my wife and
daughter think I'm this gigantic loser.

And they're right.
I have lost something.
I'm not exactly sure
what it is.

but I know
I didn't always feel this...

But you know what?
It's never too late
To get it back.

Hello. This is Lester Burnham
from Media Monthly magazine.

I'm calling
for Mr Tamblin, please.

Well, we're all under
a deadline here. You see,
there's some basic information...

about your product launch
that isn't even covered
in your press release, and I'd--

Yeah, c--
can I ask you a question?

Who is Tamblin? Does he exist?
'Cause he doesn't ever seem to come in.

Yeah. Okay.
I'll leave my number.

It's 555-0199.
Lester Burnham.
Thank you!

Hey, Les.
You got a minute?

For you, Brad,
I got five!

So, yeah, I'm sure you can understand
our need to cut corners around here.

Oh, sure.
Times are tight.