American Beauty

but I know
I didn't always feel this...

But you know what?
It's never too late
To get it back.

Hello. This is Lester Burnham
from Media Monthly magazine.

I'm calling
for Mr Tamblin, please.

Well, we're all under
a deadline here. You see,
there's some basic information...

about your product launch
that isn't even covered
in your press release, and I'd--

Yeah, c--
can I ask you a question?

Who is Tamblin? Does he exist?
'Cause he doesn't ever seem to come in.

Yeah. Okay.
I'll leave my number.

It's 555-0199.
Lester Burnham.
Thank you!

Hey, Les.
You got a minute?

For you, Brad,
I got five!

So, yeah, I'm sure you can understand
our need to cut corners around here.

Oh, sure.
Times are tight.

You got to free up some cash.
You got to spend money to make money.

- Right?
- Exactly.

Like the time that MrFlournoy
Used the company MasterCard
To pay for that hooker.

and she used the card numbers
and stayed at the St. Regis for,
what was it, three months?

- That's unsubstantiated gossip.
- That's $50,000.
That's somebody's salary.

That's somebody who's going
to get fired because Craig
has to pay women to fuck him!

I mean, calm down.
Nobody's getting fired yet.

- [ Scoffs ]
- That's why we're having everyone...

write out a job description mapping
out in detail how they contribute.

That way management
can assess who's valuable--

And who's expendable.
It's just business.
I've been writing
for this magazine for 14 years.

- You've been here how long?
A whole month?
- I'm one of the good guys, Les.

I'm trying to level with you.
This is your one chance
to save your job.

[Carolyn] There is no decision.
You just write the damn thing.