American Beauty

.. [ Humming ]
-......[Music Playing. Faint]
- [ Sniffing ]

... There must be some way
out of here...

...Said the joker
to the thief...

... There's too much confusion...
-...I can't get no relief...
- What the hell do you
think you're doing?

- Uh-oh. Mom's mad.

Bench presses.
I'm going to whale on my pecks,
and then I'm going to do my back.

I see you're smoking pot now.
I-- I'm so glad.

I think using illegal
psychotropic substances...

is a very positive example
to set for our daughter.

You're one to talk, you bloodless,
money-grubbing freak.

Uh-- Lester!
You have such hostility in you.
Do you mind? I'm trying to work
out here. Unless... you want to spot me.

Lester, you will not
get away with this.

- You can be sure of that.
-... There are many here among us...

- That's... what...
-... Who feel that life is but a joke......

you... think.
"My job consists of
basically masking...

"my contempt for
the assholes in charge...

"and at least once a day
retiring to the men's room...

"so I can jerk off...
"while I fantasize
about a life...

that doesn't so closely
resemble hell."

Well, you obviously have no interest
in saving yourself.

Brad, for 1 4 years, I've been a whore
for the advertising industry.

The only way I could save myself now
is if I start firebombing.

Whatever. Management wants you
gone by the end of the day.

Just what sort of severance package
is management prepared to offer me,

considering the information
I have about our editorial director...

buying pussy
with company money?

Which I think
Would interest the I.R.S.