American Beauty

Do you mind? I'm trying to work
out here. Unless... you want to spot me.

Lester, you will not
get away with this.

- You can be sure of that.
-... There are many here among us...

- That's... what...
-... Who feel that life is but a joke......

you... think.
"My job consists of
basically masking...

"my contempt for
the assholes in charge...

"and at least once a day
retiring to the men's room...

"so I can jerk off...
"while I fantasize
about a life...

that doesn't so closely
resemble hell."

Well, you obviously have no interest
in saving yourself.

Brad, for 1 4 years, I've been a whore
for the advertising industry.

The only way I could save myself now
is if I start firebombing.

Whatever. Management wants you
gone by the end of the day.

Just what sort of severance package
is management prepared to offer me,

considering the information
I have about our editorial director...

buying pussy
with company money?

Which I think
Would interest the I.R.S.

since it technically
constitutes fraud.

And I'm sure that some of our
advertisers and rival publications...

might like to know about it as well,
not to mention... Craig's wife.

- What do you want?
- One year's salary with benefits.

That's not going to happen.
What do you say I throw in a little
sexual harassment charge to boot?

[ Laughing ]
Against who?

[ Laughs ]
Against you.

Can you prove that you
didn't offer to save my job...

if I let you blow me?
Man... you are
one twisted fuck.

Nope. I'm just
an ordinary guy...

with nothing to lose.