Anna and the King

[Crowd Noise]
King Chulalongkorn:
She was the first Englishwoman

I had ever met,
and it seemed to me she knew more
about the world than anyone,

but it was a world Siam
was afraid would consume them.

The monsoon winds had whispered
her arrival like a coming storm.

Some welcomed the rain,
but others feared a raging flood.

Still, she came,
unaware of the suspicion
that preceded her.

But it wasn't until years later that I
began to appreciation how brave she was.

And how alone
she must've felt.

An Englishwoman,
the fiirst I'd ever met.
ln Siamese]

Mother, come look.
I think they've killed someone!

Louis, do take care
about the railing, honey.

Beebe, Moonshee,
gather your things.

It's time we went ashore now.
Come on, Louis.

I still think that we should wait
until someone from the palace arrives.

Yes, well, if they were coming,
they would've been here already.

- Besides, the ship is leaving.
- My point exactly.

Good-bye, Mrs. Leonowens.
Uh, watch your step.