Anna and the King

unaware of the suspicion
that preceded her.

But it wasn't until years later that I
began to appreciation how brave she was.

And how alone
she must've felt.

An Englishwoman,
the fiirst I'd ever met.
ln Siamese]

Mother, come look.
I think they've killed someone!

Louis, do take care
about the railing, honey.

Beebe, Moonshee,
gather your things.

It's time we went ashore now.
Come on, Louis.

I still think that we should wait
until someone from the palace arrives.

Yes, well, if they were coming,
they would've been here already.

- Besides, the ship is leaving.
- My point exactly.

Good-bye, Mrs. Leonowens.
Uh, watch your step.

[Arguing ln Siamese]
Pardon me.
Louis, come along,

- Mother?
- Yes?

Why does this king need you
if nobody here speaks English?

Because the ways of England
are the ways of the world.

It's a wise man
who knows that.

in less than an hour
the Newcastle sails,

not to return
for another month.

Tonight, we shall all sleep in our
own beds in our own home, I promise.

Ah, madam, madam, madam,
a carriage? Where, a carriage?

Wait, wait. Ah...
[Stumbling ln Siamese]
This way, darling.
This way. Come on.