Anywhere But Here

- You living here now?
- Yes.

- Hey, Ann.
- Lady, I wantyou to register that car.

Yes, sir.
I wantyou to get
a California driver's license.

From now on,
start paying attention to the signs.

Yes, sir.
I'm going to be rolling by
in another 2 minutes.

I don't want to see
that vehicle out there.

Yes, sir.
Merry Christmas, Ann.
Let's move up here.
Did hejust wink atyou?
That's an unusual
law enforcement officer.

What did he say toyou?
He said not to ever
do that to me again.

He said that ifyou do,
he'll haveyou taken offto prison
and locked up,
and you'll never, ever see me again,
and you'll have to eat
ice cream on your own.

You went too far
with the ice cream business.

He did not say that.
- Yes, he did.
- No, he did not.

And he wants to adopt me.
He finds me very attractive.

That is not funny.
You do not do this again.
Don'tyou do this again.
No, don'tyou do this again.
No, it's you.
I wasjust trying to get out
ofa parking ticket.

Well, you didn't get one, did you?
Thank you, Ann.
Thank you, Ann,

and your fiance will be
back here in 2 minutes

to see ifwe've moved the car.
Ann: I will always love that policeman.
That was all me.
He told me what I needed to know.
I will always carry a soft spot
for the Los Angeles Police Department.
[Music Playing]
Ann: I wish he had adopted me.
Grandma told me in a letter
that my father got remarried
and was living in Reno.
How many Hisham Badirs
could there be in Reno?

Hi. Doyou have a number for...
for a Mr. Hisham Badir, please?