Arlington Road

because we know his name.
As God is my witness...
I promise to give...
friendship to those in need.
Help to those in trouble.
I will work with faith and honor...
to uphold the Discoverer code.
To respect myself...
my family...
and my country.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
Junior Discovery Troop 474.

This is Oliver's study...
where he, you know,
gets away from the kids...

and me, I suppose.
These are all projects
you've worked on?

I wish.
No, I collect sketches...

designs of old buildings.

This is a front view of Monticello.
- Down there is the Woolworth Building.
- It's his hobby.

- The St. Louis Arch.
- Yes, correct.

So, then all of these drawings,
these buildings...

they're not just
for your job, then?

Oh. So they're not
all shopping malls.

No, I don't know of any architecturally
significant shopping malls.

Oh, honey, you just
haven't built them yet.

- Who's hungry?
- I'm famished.

Come on. I've got some
really delicious putt pastry.

They've got to work so hard
when they're there.

You've gotta keep 'em
in the seats.

You know?
Politically, there's something
to be said for that.