Arlington Road

where he, you know,
gets away from the kids...

and me, I suppose.
These are all projects
you've worked on?

I wish.
No, I collect sketches...

designs of old buildings.

This is a front view of Monticello.
- Down there is the Woolworth Building.
- It's his hobby.

- The St. Louis Arch.
- Yes, correct.

So, then all of these drawings,
these buildings...

they're not just
for your job, then?

Oh. So they're not
all shopping malls.

No, I don't know of any architecturally
significant shopping malls.

Oh, honey, you just
haven't built them yet.

- Who's hungry?
- I'm famished.

Come on. I've got some
really delicious putt pastry.

They've got to work so hard
when they're there.

You've gotta keep 'em
in the seats.

You know?
Politically, there's something
to be said for that.

Yeah, it was a lot of fun.
Here we are leaving the church.

Everyone thought we were
going to Mexico.

- Where were you going?
- We were going there...

but the plane
never left the ground.

Some kind of engine trouble.
Couldn't leave till morning, so we spent
the night at the Wichita Airport Motel.

How romantic!
- Well, for $19, it was wonderful.
- How long you two been married?

- Well, 12 years in August.
- What kind of example is that?

Well, I don't think we learn
responsibility from politicians.

We really learn it from family.
It's the people that we care about.
- It's what they care about.
- He died when I was a teenager.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Farm accident.
-Where would you say you get yours from?
-My what? My values?

- Probably from my wife.
- Values?