Arlington Road

What values?
Michael and I were talking about
where you get your values from...

and we were both saying
it's mostly from family.

Well, where else you gonna get 'em?
Celebrities? Politicians?

Not in this century.
I just think it's...
a sorry state of aftairs when you can't
find a role model to cast your vote for.

It's not even role models,

It's just people who acknowledge
the consequences of their actions.

Or pay for those actions. I think we
should put some politicians in jail.

You can't ask government
to be intallible.

You just can't.
But you can ask it to be accountable.

I can ask it to be honest.
You know, when Leah died...
all I wanted was someone...
to tell me,
"We made a mistake."

You know?
"We made a mistake.

Your wife suftered for it...
and we'd take it back
a hundred times if we could."

But, uh...
they don't say that.
She would've.
Some of them knew her.
They work so hard at being able
to look you in the eye.

Excuse me.