Arlington Road

I hate him.
The FBI keeps a file
on every American...

who has ever been
charged with a crime.

Now, certain offenses
cause files to be flagged.

Two years ago, these flags...
picked up a series of
suspicious firearms purchases...

in Maryland, Georgia
and the Carolinas.

Over a hundred guns from...
assault rifles, army issues...
all bought by acquaintances
of Seaver Parsons--

husband, father of three,
amateur gun collector...

outspoken member of
the right-wing extremists...

here in West Virginia.
To the FBI, it appeared Parsons
was stockpiling weapons...

for some sort of offensive.
So they sent four FBI agents...
with a search warrant here...
thinking that they would uncover
some sort of treasure chest...

of felony firearms.
- Munitions for war.
- 2-7 November, we got your eyeball.

Backup's en route.
How you gonna handle this, boss?
The easy way.
Yeah, I heard that.
Hey, there, mister.
You catch yourself some dinner?
Is that your house over there?
Know if your father's home, son?
He don't know you.
- No, son, we're from Washington.
- Here at this fence line...