Arlington Road

It helps the old one disappear.
Is there something you want
to tell me, Michael?

Whit, if I give you a name,
could you run it for flags?

- Jesus!
- Just this once.

Check out files as a personal favor,
is that what you're asking me to do?

- Come on, I'm not--
- You go to jail for that.

- This is important.
- My pension's important.

Whit, I'm asking you to run a name.
I'm not asking you to start surveillance
and break out the goddamn guns.

Faraday, if you'd asked your wife to
do it, she'd tell you the same thing.

Get you classified FBI information.
She'd say,
"I love you, baby, but that...

I cannot do."
If you want to find out about somebody,
there's always ways to do it.

They're just not through me.
Come on. Use your imagination.

Oh, hi, Daphne.
How you doin'?

You doing okay?
- Hi, Hannah.
- Mommy and Daddy aren't home.

Oh, well, actually,
I don't need your mom and dad.

You know what?
I locked myself out of my house.

- I came home from work and realized--
- We can't let strangers in.

Well, I'm not a stranger, right?
See, what I need to do
is use your phone...

to call up somebody to see if
they'll help me get in the house.

Would that be all right...
if I use your phone?
- Kitchen.
- Good.