-Teddy Kennedy?
-He's different to the other Kennedys.

-I got some calls to make.
-Go make some calls. Call Arnold and Sly!

And Van Damme and Jackie Chan.
Tell 'em the spear-chucker said hello!

Get my door just as fast
as you get Tom Hanks'!

-Wait. Who are you?
-Script delivery from Paramount.

-I ain't expectin' no script from Paramount.
-I mean Universal.

-Maybe so. Come on.
-Gotta have you sign.

-I ain't signing shit.
-It's all good. This script is butter.

-Butter, butter. This stuff is butter.

It's all good. It's jiggy baby.
How you know it's all good and jiggy baby?
-I was reading it on the way over.
-You read my script?

I loved this script 'cause
it's a twist on the usual.

-It's science fiction, which we know sells--
-You shut up.

I'll whip your ass.
You don't be reading my stuff.

-Get off the property!
-I just got a little excited.

I gotta get over to my MindHead meeting.
-MindHead! You need a lift?

-I can't believe that!
-Yeah! Come on in.

-Thank you.
-What a coincidence!

-Who's your guide?
-Terry Stricter. Yours?