...l scanned the script to see
how many times the letter "K" appears.

The letter "K" appears
in this script 1,456 times.

That's perfectly divisible by three.
-So what're you saying?
-What am I sayin'?

"KKK" appears in this script 486 times.
-The sickness is deep.
-He's playing you.

-I've been played.
-That's really not the case here.

This is a great script.
It's not Shakespeare, but--

-What'd you just say?
-I said, "lt's not Shakespeare, but--"

It's not.... Did you hear what he's doing?
He's doing something.
I just can't put my finger on it.

What's he doing?
-Shakespeare, Freddy.

-"Shake-a-spear. Spear-chucker."

I'm a spear-chucker now.
-Call me a spear-chucker.
-It doesn't mean that!

It's my imagination?
There's no computer chip
in LaToya Jackson's brain.

She just acts like that.
Teddy Kennedy ain't 1/16 black.

-Teddy Kennedy?
-He's different to the other Kennedys.

-I got some calls to make.
-Go make some calls. Call Arnold and Sly!

And Van Damme and Jackie Chan.
Tell 'em the spear-chucker said hello!

Get my door just as fast
as you get Tom Hanks'!

-Wait. Who are you?
-Script delivery from Paramount.

-I ain't expectin' no script from Paramount.
-I mean Universal.