What did he say?
-What did who say?
-What did Kit Ramsey say?

I'm meeting with Kit at his home....
By the way, he knew who I was.

I gave him the script,
and he looked through the script.

And I said, "So, what do you think?
Are you interested in doing this movie?"

Kit looked at me...
...he said....
Kit, just...
Kit Ramsey said yes?
Kit Ramsey is doing this movie!
-You told them we'd make this movie?
-That's right, I did.

-You have to tell them.
-Tell them what?

-We're not gonna make the movie.
-Dave, I made them a promise.

How will you make the movie
with Kit Ramsey? He said no.

You don't think I worked that out?
We'll make the movie
with Kit Ramsey, except....

-Except what?
-Except he won't know he's in it.

We secretly follow him around
with a camera.

Our actors walk up to him
and say their lines.

And he's in our movie,
and we don't have to pay him.

-What's he gonna say?
-What difference does it make?

It's an action movie.
All he's gotta do is run.

He runs away from the aliens,
he runs toward the aliens.

I want to show you something.
Got this all worked out, I think.