There are six major scenes with Kit.
The ones in red.

He's not in any of the other scenes...
:21:07 we just shoot those
with our own actors on our own time.

Bingo, we've got a movie.
That's crazy.
But we're desperate.
Why don't you wait till you get a star
who wants to be in it?

I'm 49 years old.
Admittedly, I could get away
with 44, 41, maybe 38.

But when you hit 50,
they don't hire you anymore.

It's like they can smell 50.
What's that?
When I was 10,
I knew I wanted to make movies...

...but I knew no one
was going to give me that.

So I started putting away
one dollar every week of my life.

If I missed a week, I made it up later,
from age 10 on.

And now, you're looking at enough
to get us started.

But movies cost millions of dollars
to make.

That's after gross net deduction
profit percentage...

...deferment ten percent of the nut.
Cash? Every movie costs $2,184.
Where do I go to be an actress?