Take me to Terry Stricter! Now!
We got it.
Strange people are coming
to me on the street...

...and they're speaking in Jupiterian
or Venutian or something.

Strangers come up to you,
and you don't understand them.

-What is that?
-Maybe they're fans.

-Crazy fans.
-They speak to me...

...only they speak in a secret
white language that I can't decode.

It's horrifying!
What do these crazy people
who speak to you and make no sense say?

They talk about things I never heard of,
about people I don't know.

Somebody named Keith.
And aliens, sex and umbrellas.

I see.
Do you think you can keep it together?
Yes, I can keep it together.
I'm K-l-T, Kit. I'm keeping it together now.
Keep it together. I'm keeping it together.
-Don't I look together?
-Have you heard any more voices?

Every now and then I hear a voice.
I haven't heard voices.

What did this one voice say?
"As I stand here before you today...
"...the Laker Girls' cheerleading squad...
"...needs to be taken down a peg or two."
You know, last night was really special.
It was. I've never done it
lying down before.

-You know, next time....

Next time, I think I'd like to do it
with just two condoms.

If I was in the movie more, yeah.
If I was in the movie more,
we'd be equals, and I'd trust you more.