Keep it together. I'm keeping it together.
-Don't I look together?
-Have you heard any more voices?

Every now and then I hear a voice.
I haven't heard voices.

What did this one voice say?
"As I stand here before you today...
"...the Laker Girls' cheerleading squad...
"...needs to be taken down a peg or two."
You know, last night was really special.
It was. I've never done it
lying down before.

-You know, next time....

Next time, I think I'd like to do it
with just two condoms.

If I was in the movie more, yeah.
If I was in the movie more,
we'd be equals, and I'd trust you more.

-We have lots of scenes together.
-I love our scenes.

Our scenes are the best,
but I should have more scenes with Kit.

If I had more scenes with Kit,
then that would really pump up our scenes.

Afrim would be in charge of that.
He's the screenwriter.

-So the writer's in charge of that?

-Boss, I've got those pages.
-What pages?

The new pages.
I think if Daisy had more scenes with Kit...
:36:39 would pump up the scenes with Slater.
So I wrote more scenes for Daisy and Kit,
some hot scenes...

...where there's heat and chemistry.
-I don't think we need--
-I think you will see...

...these new hot scenes, the ones
in which Daisy exposes her breasts...

...will increase sales in Thailand.
Daisy agreed to this?
That is the case,
although I haven't talked to her.