Keep it together.
Kit, maybe you should stay
with us for a few days...

:44:06 our special celebrity relaxing quarters.
-You think I need that?
-I do.

Go get my checkbook.
Keep it together.
-Can't find Kit.
-What do you mean you can't find Kit?

He's one of the most famous faces
in the world. You can find him.

No. We staked out his house,
MindHead, everywhere.

-He's vanished, gone.
-Where is the guy?

We can't shoot movie without our star.
Actors have no work ethic these days.

They keep his movements secret.
They control him.

A lot of guys must look like Kit.
We'll get a look-alike for the long shots.

We'll shoot him from behind
and not show his face.

Kit showed his ass
in eight of his ten films...

...eight of his ten films were hits,
so we need a guy with a fabulous ass...

...and mine is the wrong color.
Then I studied at the Moscow Arts Theater
for two years...

...and did a year at the National in London.
I'm currently doing a midnight production
of Waiting for Godot here in L.A.

And are you in the union?
Yes, I am.
Currently, I'm packing fries
at the Burger King on Douglas.

-Do you have experience in film?
-Quite a bit, actually.

Quite a bit of experience.
I'm an active renter at Blockbuster...

...and I attend the Film du Cinema...
:45:38 much as possible.
Weekly, biweekly, inter-weekly,

Would you be willing to cut your hair?
Yes, but it's usually better
if someone else does it.

I've had a few accidents.