Coyote Moon

Yeah, and it's none
of our business.

Vern, they're gonna kill him.
- lt's just Vern and Dottie.
- They ain't gonna say nothing.

-They better not.
-l don't want trouble with the Hogans...

and if you're smart,
you'Il keep your mouth shut too.

- l'm putting this in the damn truck.
- I'll give you a hand.

- You make sure he's dead first.
- Give me the gun, Petey.

- Petey, give him the gun.
- l can do it, Matt.

You go on.
l can do it, all right?

- All right, Jess. Let him do it.
- Don't miss.

- Come on, hurry up, man.
- What are you waiting for?

- Let's go!
- l'm sorry, mister.

- Damn! l didn't think he had it in him.
- Me neither.

Come on.
Thanks, Buddy.
- Where's Dottie today?
- Late, as usual.

Oh. Well, could you give her
these for me?

- What's that?
- These.

Oh, Buddy, that is so sweet.
- She's really gonna like those.
- Really?

WelI, Rhonda, do you think
Dottie would go out with me?

She likes you, Buddy.
Why don't you ask her?

All right. l will.
l better get my ass in gear...
or they're gonna discontinue the run.
There's one passenger out there,
and it's military. Half price.

Oh, could you teIl her
I'm sorry l missed her?