Coyote Moon

Come on.
Thanks, Buddy.
- Where's Dottie today?
- Late, as usual.

Oh. Well, could you give her
these for me?

- What's that?
- These.

Oh, Buddy, that is so sweet.
- She's really gonna like those.
- Really?

WelI, Rhonda, do you think
Dottie would go out with me?

She likes you, Buddy.
Why don't you ask her?

All right. l will.
l better get my ass in gear...
or they're gonna discontinue the run.
There's one passenger out there,
and it's military. Half price.

Oh, could you teIl her
I'm sorry l missed her?

- Sure wiIl.
- See you, Pop.

It's not my turn.
l paid last time.

What do you say you sit on my lap
and we talk about...

the first thing that pops up?
Let's split this hole.
Keep the change, sweet thing.
Ow! Give me frostbite.
- You're late.
- The shortcut through the dry lake...

we saw this poor boy
getting the mess beat out of him...

- by the Hogans, and I think--
- We saw a flying saucer. Unbelievable!

Please. Please!
Just start fiIling
the ketchup bottles.

And Buddy left these for you, Dottie.
- lsn't he sweet?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

l thought you said
they cancelled his run.

Look what he got me, Vern.
Says here the army may be
conducting maneuvers around here.