Coyote Moon

Good morning, Dad.
Sorry we're late.

Morning, Petey.
Where you two been?

You were supposed to be here
to back me up.

What about you? You're on my payroll,
and you do like you're told.

What the hell is that?
Oh, it's like a '49 lndian, Pa.
l got a good deal on it.

l see that.
Now you show me the pink slip.
Well, like l said,
l got a great deal on it, Gunney. lt--

Damn it! The last thing l need
right now is trouble.

- ls this bike gonna be trouble?
- No, sir.

- You sure?
- Dead sure. Right, Petey?

Right. Absolutely, Dad.
No troubIe at all.

Don't even think about it.
Shit. Fucking dickwads!
Stupid sons of--
Oh, great. Just fucking great.
Do you know how to tell time?

- Yes, sir.
- Then be here on time for once.

We been through this a dozen times,
and you're never fucking here.

Oh, shut up.
You're fading on me.
That's a good boy, Oki.
l could really use your help.

What do you say?